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Greetings earthlings… thanks for coming to my page. I’m Wayne Vaughn, the Daddy and Husband of the bunch. I’m one of the founders of Wisdom Love and Vision along with my wife and children. Some of you may not know why the significance of the company name, but its abbreviated name, WLV, is also the initials of every member of the Vaughn Clan. Yes, when Wanda and I married her last name became Vaughn and so we decided to make sure our kiddies inherited the WLV-ness also!
Family is one of the most important things in this world to me. I have met so many people over the years who’ve exclaimed that they wish they had a family to share their lives with. I know God, blessed us with each other. Now I hope we can spread this love to you through our music and the work we do for others. Much is given, much is required… and we must do it all with love.

  • Wayne’s Bio

    Wayne Vaughn is the last of a dying breed, a true renaissance man. He is an accomplished songwriter and composer, chef, fashion designer, interior decorator, father, husband, and counselor often dubbed “Uncle Wayne.” But the passion that gave way to his most notable success was Vaughn’s love for music. Nurtured by his mother and father, a homemaker and mechanic/blues guitarist respectively, Vaughn started playing piano at age 12.

    In 1976, Vaughn landed a gig as keyboardist for the Brother’s Johnson the same year he graduated from UCLA. While touring with the band, he had the opportunity to work closely with mentor Qunicy Jones and honed many of his skills as a producer. “Working Quincy was the equivalent of pursuing my PHD!” 

Since then, Vaughn has gone on to reach ever increasing heights within the entertainment industry.

    As a writer, producer, and performer, he’s worked with countless artists all over the world such as Lionel Richie, The Brother’s Johnson, Patti Labelle, Patrice Russian, Beverly Johnson, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, No Jazz, Brian McKnight, Kanye West, Will Smith, The Emotions, and Earth, Wind, and Fire (EWF). In fact, his 80s hit “Let’s Groove Tonight” covered by the legendary group EWF put Vaughn into a league of his own.

    Currently, Vaughn and his family perform as Three Generations of Groove – 3GG, a family troop whose name derives from Vaughn’s debut solo jazz/funk album of the same title. Creating intriguing content that not only entertains, but also spreads love and respect is Vaughn’s first priority. “It’s all in the groove”- a favorite Wayne idiom is the spirit behind his music and other productions. 

Stay tuned and stay in the groove. Wayne’s guaranteed to rock the house!!


    Notable works by Wayne Vaughn – producer, composer, and musician.

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