Meet The Team

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    Wayne Vaughn

    Wayne Vaughn heads the Vaughn clan.  Wayne has been instrumental in the music industry for decades. Most notable of his work may be his writing collaboration with his wife, Wanda Vaughn, and Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, Let’s Groove.  Other groups Vaughn has been a part of include The Brother’s Johnson, where he worked with music industry mogul Quincy Jones.

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    Wanda Vaughn

    Wanda Vaughn heralds as the Vaughns’ lead songstress. Under the training of her father since age four, Wanda has been a singer for nearly all her life. Lead singer of the Grammy Award winning 70s sensational group, The Emotions, Wanda has passed down her amazing talents to her children and continues to tour, blessing the world through her gift.

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    Wendi Vaughn

    Wendi Vaughn inherited the grand role of eldest sibling with the passing of the Vaughn children’s oldest member, Wayne Vaughn Jr. With the strength of her older brother secured deeply in her heart, Wendi manages the Vaughn bunch. Wendi graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Communications from UC San Diego and earned her master’s degree from Boston University in International Marketing Management. She now works in advertisement and marketing solutions for music industry entities; she is also the quintessential reason that exists!

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    Wyann Vaughn

    Wyann Vaughn marks the middle of the Vaughn children. As a graduate of Long Beach State University in both Child Development and Family Studies, emphasizing in Family Life Education (undergraduate) and Social Work (graduate), Wyann works and has worked as a true “edutainer” for several institutions, including YoYo’s School of Hip Hop, Pasadena City College’s Ujima Program, and Los Angeles Job Corps. Wyann counts herself as a devout member of the Hip Hop generation and works with various Hip Hop and R&B artists. She also continues the legacy of her mother’s group as the newest member of the 70s sensational group, The Emotions.

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  • Witny Meet the Team

    Witny Vaughn

    Witny Vaughn, the self proclaimed rebel, secures the position of babygirl in the Vaughn crew. Witny has been blessed not only with an incredible voice and songwriting skills like her family members, but she also has been blessed with the gift of touch. Witny is a massage therapist for several chiropractic offices and also provides tutorials for aspiring masseuses on YouTube. Catch her work on in the products & services section!

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    Waren Vaughn

    Waren Vaughn marks the last member of Team Vaughn. He sings, writes, raps, produces, and engineers many of the Vaughn household sessions. Waren is an impressive orator and has looks that can kill, which has earned him several modeling gigs. His rap projects are purely authentic to his style and personality. Check out his debut solo project, Feelosophy.

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